Well here I am - on broadband. I was yelling hooray earlier only for the connection to keep losing which I'm not happy about and will be onto the isp tomorrow. I have now, however, figured how to reconnect. Oh and there is a file missing from the second computer so I can't get the wireless adapter to work. I have to download some file and copy it over. A job for tomorrow I think (yes I AM a dreadful procrastinator).

Anyhow, BIG thanks to everyone for their warm wishes for my birthday yesterday (and lush presents to boot). I had a really lovely friendship book from Kathryn which I am certainly going to treasure, it made me feel so special (thanks Kathryn) plus some fab stamps and other stuff from Frances, yummy punctuation stamps and Maya Road chipboard from Donna, Chatterbox and HS embellies from Peppery Katie (my birthday swappee) and not forgotting my extra extra early and yummy pressie from Dawn (a Karen Foster tote no less). I love the good friends I have found through scrapbooking.

We (myself, Josh and Mia, seeing as Chiara was on a sleepover) braved the bus for a trip out to Bakewell yesterday (the car was in the garage). Suffice to say I now know why I won't relinquish my car. It was 15 minutes late going plus standing room only for most of the way and coming back it was 40 minutes late! We had a lovely day though, feeding the fish and ducks, at the park and eating ice-cream. Finished the day (the three of us again, Len wouldn't miss his football/pub night for me now would he?) watching Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD, cuddling, eating choccie cheesecake and downing a few port a lemons. Idyllic really :D

Been out today and spent the money from my parents/inlaws on a lovely pair of earrings and then took the kids to watch Over the Hedge. It was better than I was expecting, but Josh was a bit disgruntled as he wanted to see Pirates 2 - the showing times were way out though for us to accommodate both. Will try to encourage inlaws to invite the girls over for a couple of days next week so that I can take Josh to see Pirates just the two of us (Mia is such a scaredy cat, she just about managed Pirates 1 at home but the cinema would be a totally different matter).

Oh and big note to me to remember Orange Wednesday more often! Four of us for a few pennies over a tenner!


karen said...

glad you got the broadband sorted suzanne, and it sounds like you got some fabby pressies for your birthday. hope you get to see pirates 2 with josh.p

Kathryn said...

aww, sounds like you had a good day.. good luck with the wireless things, and glad you had such yummy presents from everyone. I will drool over them next time i see you!

Lisa said...

Glad you had a good birthday Suzanne, your pressies sound fab :)