Okay just a quickie to add in some piccies from the last few days.

Going to start with the handmade pressies I received. The book from Kathryn is larger than a cheque book and each page covers one of the letters for my name (haha at the Z!) with lots of positive affirmations in it (ideal for when I am down, I know I will treasure it for years to come as I have another friendship book from Clare from a couple of years ago and I still love looking at that one too).

Then look what I got in the post this morning from Clare Wow! I know that she took the time and trouble to make it to my favourite colours. And the slide mailer has the most wonderful inked and stamps glass plates inside. Clare thank you so very much. (and also the flowers and ribbon, you know me too well!)

Plus I forgot to mention about my bargain yesterday from the Next outlet store at McArthur Glen shopping outlet on the M1 J28 (about 20 minutes from home). All the kids sale stuff was £2 per item and all accessories only 50p each! Sod's law though that most stuff wasn't in the sizes we needed (so no clothes for Mia or Josh, pity).

Quick list, fluffy collar cardigan, denim skirt with belt, velvet crinkle skirt with divine beaded waist trim, two winter hats, sequinned belt, diamonte buckle belt, two pairs party tights, one heart necklace, three swim/pe bags - full retail value over £90, MINE FOR £11 Oh I do so love a bargain :D

And I only need two of the pe bags. They are waterproof and feature mini mouse and sequins and are really cute. Anyone want one? First to say I DO gets a pressie for their little girlie!

I've got a couple from Bakewell too but Blogger is being silly with uploading the photos again. Does anyone else have this problem. I upload them, it says done, then ......... nothing ........ nowhere!


karen said...

wow suzanne you did get a bargain, great shoppimg trip.

Kathryn said...

flippin hell that's a shopping trip and a half!! i love a good bargain:)

and that bracelet and card from clare are gorgeous - such fab colours..

Anam said...

fab bargins :) lovely gifts - i promise i will finsih your sand send it asap

Louisa said...

Hey you got a blog honey :) love all those pink girly bargains - FAB!! what a lovely pressie too and what a pretty bracelet Lou xx

K3 said...

Hiya, just browsing :) I love a bargain too. So much so, I end up buying things I don't really want just because they're cheap lol.