I am filled with trepidation (well scared stupid actually). I am a real technophobe, I can do the basics with my computer and nothing more. Well time has come now to try and get the broadband set up AND the computers networked together.

I have the Belkin modem/wireless router and the two adapter bits for the pcs plus the email from Euronet.

Just trying to pluck up courage to figure out what to do now.

I must just do it. Not having Broadband is a real pain as there are three of us fighting over the internet connection.

Also I will then be able to upload my photos to photobucket much easier and create one of those super duper slide shows of my layouts.

Wish me luck .........

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Anam said...

good luck - you can do it :)

give us a shout thoguh if you get stuck but it should just all plug in and away you go.