Oh well, insert as many bleeping ***************'s as you figure suitable regarding Broadband. Suffice to say I'm still on dial-up!

Spent a couple of hours changing all the cables and stuff over (no mean feat as just getting to the back of the computers in here is a major job in itself) for the connection not to be recognised. Went and picked up a second hand monitor for the kids pc only to find out that one of Mia's friends' Dad is a computer geek so he came over to check it out. Three hours and two modems later we are back to dial up. Tried the technical helpline at 6.30 to find out it closes 5.30 - the guy thinks there is a problem with either username or password. So I am not best pleased, least of all because I have to start all over again next week.

Have got a crop to escape to tomorrow (yeah!) at Hobby Horse in Elvaston. Was considering not going until I realised the kids' social life was so more exciting than mine, so am going to make the effort after all. And perhaps I may even organise a project this time (but please don't bet on it).

I'm wondering if my deflated ego where computers are concerned can stand another battering - I think I need to figure how to start adding to the links on here and actually get some piccies up!


Kathryn said...

arrgh, flipping broadband!
must admit ours went in easy, but then DH helped someone else install theirs and it took ages.
Just shout if it won't work, i can always volunteer DH to lend a hand:)

oh and pics are easy to insert. when posting just click on the little postcard type icon - next to where you can italicise etc. then go from there.

there are some instructions on blogger help for the links that i found useful. but essentially it is just cutting and pasting the link that you want into the sidebar.. ie find the bit where it shows google news and copy and paste in there.

have fun at the crop tomorrow.. wish i was going...

Anam said...


Donna said...

Hi Suzanne :D
Soooo pleased you have a blog, I can keep up with you now and all your amazing work. Hope you get that bliddy connection working soon - I know all about the pain of wireless connections. xxx

Bronagh said...

Hiya Stranger!! Glad I found you,
will be able to pop in regularly now to look at your gorgeous work!!


Cath said...

Computers are nightmarish aren't they! And helplines, well they dont really help do they! Hope you manage to get it sorted and that you enjoyed your crop!

Jackie Hunter said...

Hi Suzanne :o) Lovely to see you yesterday at the HH, Had a Great day. Thanks for your Help with the Orange LO :o)

See you soon
Jackie x