I am trying not to fall deep into a new obsession


I have resisted in the past, mainly because I am a messy mare when it comes to crafting and you can pretty much guarantee that I will drop the stamp (obviously inked side down, just like when you drop toast butter side down every time!) or smudge it, or get an incomplete image. Whatever, accuracy and clean lines really are not my forte.

But the Hero Arts site has got me hooked and I am spreading my wings a little and venturing further afield looking at card inspiration. I am amazed at how much work people can put into such a small area. And neatly too LOL!

I have a couple of friends who are especially talented card makers Andrea and Jane. Ooops and Debbie (how could I forget you?)

The one thing I especially struggle with is colouring in. Really. Sounds such a simple thing to do. But for me, it isn't. I guess it is just a case of keep on trying. And finding the right white cardstock to stamp and colour on. What I have just doesn't handle watercolours very well at all. Anyhow, Hero Arts challenge this week is to colour in an image. So this week might see me actually try and crack this colouring in malarky.

Anyway, I have been blog hopping to various links and challenge sites (I need all the inspiration I can find when it comes to card making) and found Caardvarks. Oh my! Lots of lushness. And quite a lot of non stamping, more scrappy style cards which I am more familiar with. In an effort to break out of my mojoless state (haven't done anything crafty since coming back from holiday at the beginning of the month - though I did half a dozen layouts whilst we were away) I have attempted the challenge this week over there. Well it tied in with what I was going to create for a birthday card for Chiara's friend as it happened (I know, not really the way to tackle a challenge). Hot pink, black and white. Just perfect for a pre-teen fashion conscious girl!

It is a VERY simple card. I sort of spend an equivalent amount of time on a card as I feel the appreciation of the receiving party will warrant. So close family and friends get the nicer, more detailed cards, but others, especially kids outside of the family, get more simple offerings.

The card features a badge I had bought in Claires Accessories specifically for the purpose of being used this way. A bit of dotty paper, a scrap of hot pink Rouge de Garance patterned paper and a punched scallop and it was done.