MM Idol Challenge 5

No piccies this week as everything has been uploaded to the voting area anonymously!

Five out of the ten will be leaving again this week. It's so sad because if you look at the creations this week there isn't one person there who deserves not to go through!

The voting is here. There are some wonderful and really inventive projects this week. Totally inspiring.

I can honestly say without the challenge of the competition I would never have done this, but I really enjoyed doing it and love the result. The kids love it. Even DH is impressed with it and that is about a first! A result well worth the blood (new craft knife blade!), sweat and tears this week.

And special thanks to the ladies at both Papermaze and Paperarts who rushed my orders through so I got them in time to use!


Anam_Kihaku said...

i loved your entry this week. it is fantastic and i agrree, i couldnt pick 5 who shouldnt go through. hoping my email to you got through ok yesterday.

scrapdolly said...

I have everything crossed for you hun - but i am sure you won;t need the luck - your piece was stunning

mel said...

Just came by to say HUGE CONGRATS - just seen the result and you so deserve this your work is fantastic!!!

bumpybecky said...

huge congratulations :):):)