The door

So this is my bargain door from IKEA, £2 from that clearance section at the end of the store. 5' long it is. Thought it was a good idea in the shop, got it home and then thought .... well I don't really want to swear in public but you probably get the idea :D Actually, a project of this size was something I had been contemplating for the end wall of the new playroom, but I really hadn't got much further than thinking that 'something' (not knowing what) would be nice!

I bought sample tins of paint from the DIY store and masked off an area to paint this beautiful green border. Green is my favourite colour, plus I wanted a colour scheme that wasn't too girly girly. Given that green is also Josh's favourite colour it seemed a good choice. Plus it matched the colours in these gorgeous Scenic Route Lauren papers.

The brackets were a bit of a faff. I printed one off the computer then resized it in several sections, pieced those together, cut them out and traced and cut out from some big sheets of mountboard from Hobbycraft. They were painted and then the edges doodled with marker pen for definition.

The Play and Work words are Making Memories which I covered with the patterned papers. Then decided that they weren't bold enough. So started the very time consuming task of adhering them to black cardstock and handcutting a margin around.

I used PSE2 and made a sketch of the project before I started to get an idea of photo placement so I knew what size photos to print out. I really don't usually work to plan, but on a project of this size and in the time scale I had to work to, I think it really helped.

The next round of MMI is especially challenging for many reasons, not least of which that I haven't started yet (though haven't stopped thinking about it) and we are away for the weekend which means I have to upload by tomorrow night. Time to clear the desk and get started I think!


Lythan said...

this is so absolutely fabbo! I think the hard work with the letters really paid off as they look brilliant. It would be lovely, if you ever have time, to see a photo of it in situ so we can really get a sense of scale.
well done Suzanne and all the best for the next round!

Jackie Hunter said...

Fantastic Work Suzanne, & VERY well done on making top 5, You deserve it!! Your wouk is Stunning, & always Awe inspiring! Good Luck in the next round :o) See you soon at the HH
Jackie x

Guinevere said...

Good Luck with the next round Suzanne!
Jennie xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh you are clever!

Heather said...

That is an amazing bit of work, I truly love it. Best of everything for this next bit and tons of support hugs.

Nat xxx said...

That's one of the most inspired projects I've ever seen! I love it!! Best of luck with the next round of MM xxx