Dare #51 already!

Crikey almost a year since the UK Speshal Dares went live! I haven't been on the team all that time, but I was lucky enough to Guest on the blog a couple of times. I have followed and admired the projects the rest of the team have come up with over the (almost) year and found the themes and the artwork inspirational each and every week.

This week our theme is Comparisons. I did a wall hanger featuring a photo of myself aged 4 and Mia aged 5, to show how alike we look.

I used the BG Blush range which, I eventually realised, matches totally my newly decorated bedroom. I will have to do a couple more featuring Chiara and Josh and make a little display of them together.

This is the sneak peek. To view all the projects in full, visit the Speshals blog.


Heather said...

Dares are awesome WOW!

kara jones said...

your little previews are keepingme in suspense! i didn't know that you were on the team for the Speshals Dares! Congrats! I haven't REALLY looked at that blog in a little while, but I do enjoy it!