Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Mia is 6 today!

How come?

Where did 6 years go?

She was such a good girl and waited until I got up to open her pressies and loves everything. Especially her new party dress. Which is pink and girly and twirly. Exactly as it should be!

Here is a little piccie of her earlier today. I always forget my camera is useless inside, the light was pretty good and they still came out grainy. Anyhow a little bit of cropping and a filter applied and her beauty simply shines!

Happy Birthday my angel xxxxxx's


Anam_Kihaku said...

wow! how time has flown. she is very beautiful. as is her mama. stunning eyes!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Birthday Mia :)
Jane (Brods)

Eleanor said...

What a princess. (my camera is pants indoors too, it's a strange thing)
I stopped by to join you in shrieking Yes.
Everyone is so proud of you. Go for it, you can do it.

Wilna said...

Hi there!
Please email me at wilna71@yahoo.ca

Thanks!!!! and congrats!!!

kara jones said...

hapy Birthday precious Mia! That photo is adorable!