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It was the Hobby Horse crop yesterday and, having told everyone I was going to be there, it ended up that Len was working :( He told me he would be back by dinner or earlier, so when Kathryn rang to find out where I was I said I would be there soon. Well soon ended up being gone 2.30 and the reason I was insistent on going is because I had Kathryn's (very belated) birthday present to hand over and really felt too embarrassed to keep hold of it any longer.

So I trotted off and walked in to find that Kathryn had not only bought me some lovely shiny balloons, but also chocolate cake and biscuits as 'congratulations' for my placing in the MM Idol competition. And everyone was so nice, I could have cried. Instead I pigged out on cake and biscuits - oh and spent more money in the shop!

I spent the next three and a half hours talking and putting two photos and five letters on a sheet of cardstock. So no, not very productive, but I am so pleased I made the effort to get out there even for those couple of hours.

There is a great group of girls go to this crop, if you are ever in the area (Derby), or live close by but haven't plucked up the courage to go to the crop there, you really must! Great hall, spacious, good lighting and parking, shop within a couple of minutes walk (with crop discount), yummy refreshments and wonderful people. Really, you can't ask for anything more!

These are the dates for the rest of the year by the way:

12th May
16th June
21st July
11th August
1st September
20th October
17th November
15th December


Anam_Kihaku said...

i miss the derby crops. glad they made you feel special. youare a special person. *hugs*

kara jones said...

how nice to have great friends/croppin buddies! You deserve a celebration in your honor! :)

Heather said...

Glad you had a bit of a 'do' you deserved it :D