Oh my word!

It has just hit me.


Is THE day.

The day that The Design Collective are sending out the first class mailings.

We've had a fabby response and everyone is so excited - especially me - I would never have had the confidence to be a part of this if it weren't for the wonderful support from my friends I am working alongside in this venture.

I've been working on my first class today, not for the first mailing I have to say. You will just have to keep your eye out on the DC blog in case someone naughty lets out any more sneek peaks!


Heather said...

Just catching up after my week on the sick lol! So looking forward to the DC classes, its gonna be great!

Anam_Kihaku said...

girlie - your MM IDOL is great!! loved it :)

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Just had the e-mail to vote for the next round of MM Idol. Nearly had a heart attack when they said they were not mentioning any names but it was easy. I looked at the little thumbnails and thought 'now just concentrate and Suzanne's style' and it jumped out of the gallery at me :O) Just to make sure I enlarged it and there was your beautiful daughter grinning at me *lol*. The best of luck hun, you deserve it xXx
Hugs Vanda