Manufacturers' Listing

I've added some more names and links onto the (now very long) list of manufacturers in my side bar .... you have to scroll down a bit now to get to this.

I love checking out the manufacturer sites and drooling over their products and projects.

More thanks, this time to the people who have given me the web address links to add into this.

If you know of more (and I am sure there are more new companies who made their debut at CHA) just let me have the web address link and I will get it added on.


Anam_Kihaku said...

tinker ink -

luxe designs - love their tag line ;)

tin box

Pam said...

Hi suzanne,
just wanted to wish you luck in the next round of MM- your projects are fab, and you are always so helpful on UKS- you deserve to go far.