I really should be working ....

But I got sidetracked ogling at the gorgeous dolly beads created by the fantastically talented Jacquie Swain on her site A String of Beads.

I don't even collect the troll type beads but I just love to drool over the lushness that Jaq creates on a weekly basis. If you are a fan then you really have to be on the ball to snap up one of her creations cos they are generally gone as soon as they are uploaded to the site.

I then decided to unzip some digital stuff I bought earlier in the day from Shabby Shoppe and, on looking at the beautiful things in those kits, felt like using them on something. My digital work is really simple, but it is a chance to play and not worry about clearing the desk, cutting into a prized piece of paper, or having to clear away a mess afterwards.

This is tonight's page (and yes there should be a space in between Mia and the date but I spotted it after flattening the image, typically, I blame the unearthly hour myself!)


Karen said...

Lovely page, don't you just hate how the little errors seem to jump out and hit you in the eye as soon as you've hit the submit button!!

kara jones said...

so pretty! I love the effect on the photo and the colors!

I love your new profile photo!