Well what an eventful week and weekend it has been!

Lots of behind the scene stuff getting The Design Collective ready for tomorrow (well today) - going live for registrations, there is so much exciting stuff that the team have got planned, it's giving me butterflies just being part of it all!

Josh had his sleepover. Swimming went great (apparently, I was at home with the girls baking the birthday cake), fish and chip supper was delicious, the boys were hyper - to be expected! I managed to get them to stop yakking around 2.30 am, I stayed up for another hour as I had actually got my act together and started the project ready for the next round of Making Memories Idol. Did I ever mention I work best to deadlines? Sometimes it is the only thing that gets me actually DOING as opposed to THINKING!

Back to the sleepover, there was a little fisticuffs (over a misunderstanding, between Josh and his best friend, all made up within thirty minutes), a deflated airbed (had to call a parent out as they had not left the pump to blow it up with!) and then got up this morning to find the nut allergy boy had been sick in the night in his sleeping bag. Josh had been up and got him a quilt and put the bag into the bath (ready for me to wash out!) but no-one came and woke me up. I felt so bad. Also panicky in case anything had got past my radar (unlikely seeing as I locked the room holding all the goodies and hidden the key to stop temptation!) Anyhow, when we got back from the inlaws this afternoon, his parents had called around and left me a bunch of flowers and a thank you note for looking after their son. Like I would have done anything else! Even so it was a lovely gesture. Great to know he was feeling better and it was all put down to excitement and heat.

Well I have finished my project. A really big project. And way out of my comfort zone. The thing I thought I would struggle with most did cause me most grief too. At least it didn't take 4 hours this time to get a half decent photo. Could still be better, but definitely acceptable. I was getting really stressed about what I was doing, but the girls absolutely love it! The version I have done for the contest features Chiara, I have got a special request from my other little fairy princess, Mia, to make one for her room too.


Anam_Kihaku said...

glad you had a good time. youa re a great mother :) good luck for the next MM idol :)

karen said...

glad you survived the party, reminds me of the one we had last week for ashleighs birthday. i cant wait to see your creation for the next round of MM.
karen x

*** Moneypenny *** said...

I voted Suzanne. I thought your canvas was fantastic ~ wow!!
Good Luck hun for the rest of the comp. I'm away on holiday on Wednesday for a week so apologies if I miss the next vote.

Best of luck, Vanda xXx