Finally .... MM Idol voting goes live

Well, after some technical issues (glad to know it's not just me the pc acts up for!) MM Idol finally went live for voting.

And oh my that gallery is absolutely stunning. Definitely a toughie getting through this lot.

I didn't realise but the link I gave yesterday for signing up for voting notifications doesn't actually get you registered.

So, system, sign up for voting notifications, when you get the email to say vote now, click on the link, will take you to the page. There is a place to input user name and password, put anything in if you are not already registered (and registered is a different thing than the emails), it won't recognise you but will take you to a form to complete, so then it WILL recognise you and you should now be able to vote by clicking on the blue button next to the relevant layout.

(Oh and check your spam mail for your welcome email when you do sign up, Orange put mine straight into junk mail I had to go on the webmail to retrieve it and approve further emails from them.)

Some really very inspiring work on there, I'm not into arty myself (I just can't get that messy) but I still love looking at that type of stuff.

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*** Moneypenny *** said...

I voted - yay, and guess who I voted for? You're LO made me cry Suzanne. The journalling was very touching ~ I hope you get through, fingers crossed, Vanda xXx