Oh yes she is!!!!!

Mia (very embarrassingly) stole the show tonight at the first performance of Snow White and the PORGS (people of restricted growth) - the local amdram panto in the church hall.

I'd never been to one of the performances before (I always meant to then left it too late to buy tickets and they sell out really quickly) but it was a Brownie trip tonight and I bought extra tickets to take along myself and Mia too.

It was fabulous (well more fabulous than I was expecting). Mia was on the front row and, to be honest, did the job of the entire audience all on her own. From clapping, stamping feet, cheering, shouting *loser* to the bad queen, and bravo to all the good characters, with lots more appropriately (and inappropriately) placed whoopees. She was such fun, but it was, I have to admit, a little embarrassing for the star of the show to be in the audience and not on the stage!

The girls were totally hyped up, we walked home and didn't get back until 9.45 and getting them down to earth and upstairs to bed was a right performance in itself.
The photo was actually taken last night at McD's (it was one of Chiara's friends' birthdays last week but the celebration was a trip to the cinema last night to watch Arthur and the Invisibles, with a visit to fill up with food afterwards) but it just shows Mia at her best fun loving, carefree self!


Shirley said...

Isn't she a lil beauty!

Karen said...

Awwww love that photo. Lol at Mia stealing the show, bless her!

Kirsty said...

oh suzanne - she is GORGOUS
you can see the fun she had in her eyes - a simply pricelss photo. it makes me want to smile right with her xx