Fun with Friends

I don't have many close friends local to me, I've always been on the shy and quiet side and always been content with having a few very good friends rather than having to be popular with anyone and everyone.

My longest and dearest friend is someone I met at High School. She wasn't in the same tutor group as me, nor did we share lessons. She was in the same tutor group as someone I had been at middle school with and that is how we became friends. We met up at break time and lunch time and spent the weekends at each others' house. That was somewhere around 1977 I guess (so not far off our 30th anniversary :D). There have been times (stretching to years) when we haven't been in touch with each other. But every time we catch up there is no uncomfortable silence (Jo is a good talker!) and it seems like only last week we spoke.

She has two children each just older than my two eldest and all the kids love getting together. Well this Christmas we decided to make a commitment to get together every month. Tonight was January (a bit late I know) and February will be at the beginning of March (we've already set the date!) but never mind a few days between friends :D

We went around to their house tonight. I didn't drink as I have pmt and was well dosed up with tablets. But that's no problem as I don't get on too well with alcohol anyway. We had a wonderful curry cooked up by her DH Nigel (he likes to be in charge in the kitchen for special meals) and then had the biggest laugh playing family games together. I wish I had taken my camera, as my two girls and Evie, their DD, were playing that Donutters game and they looked hilarious with the headbands on!

So, as ever, I have come back home with a lovely warm and fuzzy feeling. And very relieved too - they have been toying with the idea of moving to Cornwall/Devon for quite a few years and had actually decided to turn down a move with Nigel's job down there because of the settled life they and the kids have up here. I really can't explain how pleased I am to hear this. Selfish, probably, well, definitely. But still relieved.
This is one of only a couple of photos I have from our younger days together. I am on the left and that is Jo on the right. This was at Butlins and we were 15. This was the holiday when I had my ears pierced. And we were only holding the beer for the photo - honest - they belonged to some boys we had met ..... ;)


scraphappy aka sandy said...

hi suzanne thanks for visiting my blog and for all your advise on the photo programes, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

And you havent changed a bit either :) still as beautiful....
Jane (Brods)

jake said...

LOl.... those pint pots are bigger than you two!

Lovely photo, of great memories :-)

jk x