A cat called Mia?

Just need to blog this before I forget and I know I will want to create a layout at some point about this!

Coming back from the usual jaunt to the inlaws today for Sunday dinner, Mia is looking at the sheep in the fields as we drive home.

Mia - are we going to the Santa farm again on Tuesday?
(Whitepost farm, local activity farm where we go a couple of times a year and this year we went to see Santa there)
Me - no, not until the lambs are born
Mia - the one where the lady pulled it (the lamb) from the mummy sheep (we watched lambs being born, the second was stuck and had to be pulled out).
Mia - and where we saw cows ...... and chickens .... and a donkey ..... and the squirrels running round in the air (they have a wire run suspended from the ceiling for the chipmunks to chase around) .... and a camel
Me - it wasn't camels it was llamas
Mia - and I stroked it
Me - yes
Mia - and we brushed the goats
Me - yes you got to brush the goats again
Mia - and the cat called Mia
(silence in the car)
Len - was there?
(lot of brain whirring going on here)
Chiara - oh you mean the Meerkats, Mia!
Mia - yes the cats called Mia

ROFL classic!


Heather said...

LOVVL! That is priceless and oh yes a page is a must ;)

Anonymous said...

Great conversation, definitely made me smile :D