It came and it went

The snow that is.

We spent yesterday first thing listening intently to the radio hoping to hear that our school was closed, lots were but ours, nope. Cue major hysteria from Chiara who was determined she didn't want to go to school. I was almost at relenting stage until she had one hissy too many at me and then it became a battle of wills .... I know but I never give in to her tantrums (wish she would learn that) so yesterday wasn't the time to start, no matter that I couldn't get the car out of the driveway and that we would have the horrid walk to school on the A6 with the noisy lorries throwing slush at us along the way. She refused to get dressed. I'm not sure which threat was the one that finally worked, but, most likely, it was the one that her new tv/dvd combi would be bequeathed to Mia if she didn't shape up and shape up NOW! We eventually got to school just before 10 o'clock.

Then by the time it was the end of the school day, most of the snow from around the house had disappeared. They all had a little session of snowballing when we got back after Mia's swim lesson and I half wished that it would snow more overnight so they could have today off to play in it. But it didn't happen, which is a good thing really as we need the snow all cleared out of the way ready for our little jaunt down to Staines on Sunday to see Suzanne. I love driving but NOT driving in the snow/ice/fog.

The car has gone to the local garage - yes, again - to get the broken wing mirror fixed. I smashed it before Christmas. Luckily the electronic movement gadgety thing still works. Even so, it has cost £100 (well with enough change for an ice cream) just to get the glass and casing including paint job on the casing. Plus Seat had a mooch around the car and there is other stuff that needs doing. Nothing that is going to cause the car to blow up if we don't get it done now, but stuff that needs doing before too long.

Anyway, I am procrastinating here. Got to try and get a good photo of my page for the speshals dare tonight. Took a lot of thinking about, but it bought back such wonderful memories for me. A soft and delicate look at things for me this week ..... remember to check back later :)

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