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I have been checking some of the other blogs and it seems it is fine to put photos of our entries online, so here is mine.

Totally inspired by this quote on the back page of March Memory Makers magazine:

Hope works in these ways:
It looks for the good in people instead of harping on the worst;
It discovers what can be done instead of grumbling about what cannot;
It regards problems, large or small, as opportunities;
It pushes ahead when it woud be easy to quit;
It “lights” the candle instead of “cursing the darkness”

and this is the rest of my journaling:

When I read this quote in a scrapbooking magazine this week, it made me cry. It made me cry because I have felt there is no hope in my life.

I have been suffering from depression for several years. Good days are days I can smile. Good days are the days I send up my thanks for all that I have and for being able to make it through the day. The bad days are the days when I wish that I didn’t have to face another.

Reading this quote made me realise that I need to be stronger. I need to find the positive in who I am, in what I have achieved and what my future holds.

It made me realise that it is most natural to me to see the good in people, that I am a trusting person and a loyal friend. It made me realise that I have achieved things I can be proud of, both in the past and now through my scrapbooking. It made me realise that I push ahead when it would be easy to quit, that my love for my children is so much more important to me than anything else.

But most of all, it has given me a way to focus on the good in my life and to trust I can find that light at the end of the tunnel sooner than I ever thought possible.

Biggest thanks to Kirsty for managing to get such a flattering photograph of me on the Creative Photo course and for emailing it to me in time!


Anam_Kihaku said...

such a fanatstic layout girlie. love the journalling. i always said you are a beautiful woman :)

Sarah aka Gertie said...

Oh Suzanne what a truly beatiful layout.
I'm off to place my vote

Donna said...

Gorgeous lo Suzanne and that photo is fabulous. Good luck with the comp hun. D x

Angela said...

Gorgeous photo and fab LO!!! Love it

Maria said...

gorgeous LO suzanne,beautiful photo
good luck:)

karajones said...

My absolute fav! you did a fantastic job! WOW! you've been super creative lately - what's your secret? :)

I just tried to vote for the contest and couldn't. I logged in, can't get the layouts to appear... I guess it's just me, when does the voting end?

Jen said...

Oh Suzanne, that is BEAUTIFUL. And the journaling - well, thanks for sharing is all I'll say :) Be proud xx

Alexa said...

Beautiful LO Suzanne, thanks for sharing. Please believe there is always hope. x