MM Idol

Phew that was hard work, not the layout as much as actually getting a half decent photo. I must have spent a good three hours but the lighting in our house is so poor and my camera hasn't got the range of settings I think I needed to get a good shot with the tripod.

In the end I just sat at my desk, kept trying different angles with my daylight lamp and used the flash, so there is some glare but at least this way the colours were more true to life and the result a lot less grainy. It was 4.00 am before I got to bed, frozen to the core, I was still shivering when I got up!

Anyway that is it, it is uploaded, together with a close up and the journalling is shown separately too - once you get me started you can't stop me - and the writing was too small for it to show up on screen. A very emotional page for me, not sure whether the subject will be a bit dark for American tastes but I'm hoping (ha that is a good one, the page is called Hope works in these ways, totally inspired by a quote in the March issue of Memory Makers) that I have given it a positive focus - that was the intention anyhow. I adore the colours I have used, my faves, green, brown and coral pink/red. The green is representative of a new start in life.

It's all down to public voting now. You get one vote per registration over at the MM Idol blog. It's a huge cull I seem to remember reading too, from 50 down to either 20 or 30. They are 7 hours behind UK time so I expect the gallery and voting to be open early afternoon.

There is just Caz and myself flying the flag for British scrappers so if anyone has the time to pop over and have a look it would be really appreciated :)


Heather said...

Everything crossed for you. My vote is in ;)

Guinevere said...

Tried to cast my vote - but it seems to be down. Will keep trying! Well done you keeping finger crossed for our Brit girls - we have some awesome talent!! and that means YOU!

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Me too Suzanne xXx