Wishful Thinking ....

It's coming up to *that* time again this year - Scrapaganza should be opening up for registrations in the next few weeks. I went last year as there were quite a few Scottish girls going that I really wanted to meet (Dawn, Irene, Elfin, Frances) plus a jaunt over to Holland sounded a great idea!

I was really apprehensive about flying out on my own - well actually getting to the airport on time in the morning - and being in the hugeness that is Schipol Airport on my own was quite overwhelming. That's where the fabulous Irene came in! She meeted and greeted me at the airport and took me under her wing. And coming back I had just as nice a person looking after me - another Suzanne (there were quite a few of us from different countries attending SAGA, I'd never known so many!). Suzanne is an American in the UK and has her own http://www.memoriesnmore.co.uk/store/ supplies shop. She was utterly fabulous and made the time in Schipol on the return journey absolutely fly by! Plus another HUGE thanks to - yet another - Suzanne. Suzanne had gone across with her DH and DD on the ferry and, generous spirit that she is, bought back all my shopping and classes stuff to save me going overweight on the (measly) baggage allowance. Not only that, but then she came out of her way to bring it all back up home to me. Suzanne you are a wonderful person and I truly can't wait to meet up with you again at half term. Josh is also mega excited to be meeting Ben!

I had a wonderful time, the classes and quality of kits were, for the most part, excellent (or at least excellent value for money). There were a couple of disappointments but overall, it's definitely somewhere I want to go back to. The classes and teachers were great, it was a lovely hotel, fabulous value for money and it was wonderful meeting up with scrappers from other countries too. Just this year isn't the year; we didn't have a family holiday last year and I spent so long wracked with guilt that I had a jaunt away on my own.

If you want to know more, the lovely Dawn has set up a little bloggeroony space which gives information on last years' event (the information for this year isn't available yet) together with some peeks into the kits and classes that were available.

Dawn I hope you have a fabulous time again (as doubtless you will) and I really must start saving ready for 2008!


Dawn said...

Thank you Suzanne for that plug
I would add you as a friend on the blog, but not a clue yet how to.

Ann(i)e said...

great, now you've got me crazy about going to Scrapaganza....is it unreasonable to tell hubby I am planning trip to Holland to scrap while I have a four week old baby at home?? hehe
wouldn't it be nice though!