Decided it's time to share ....

Chriss Coleman's place on the web. It's called sheepspace (she has a love for sheep, surprisingly enough!).

If you are at all interested in scrapbooking, altered art, textiles and/or photography, you need to add this site to your favourites. I don't believe there is anything Chriss can't do, do wonderfully and she is such a perfectionist too. Click on the tabs at the top of the site to go and view her amazing work in all of these artistic fields.

I was introduced to Chriss's work when I joined the US Forum Scrap That Moment (Chriss is an American living in the UK). BTW they have a great gallery over there AND are Lynette and her team have been working hard on launching Scrappy Chick stuff at CHA. I can't wait to see what they have produced (and more importantly, if someone is going to be bringing it over here for us!)

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Chriss said...

You're so sweet, Suzanne!! Thanks, this made my day. :)

And *cough* I was born in Canada. ;)