Gah, Life (well Cars mainly!)

My car costs so much to run, I often think it would be cheaper to get taxis everywhere (just not as convenient) and don't even start me on the lack of public transport through the village.

Before Christmas I bashed my wing mirror, Len has a quote to get it replaced, £275, however hopefully it will be much cheaper as I told him we don't need the electrical component as all the remote moving functions are working on it still. It's £35+VAT just to spray the blooming casing black!

Clutch - on it's way out - doubtless due to the two seasons we ran an enormous 22' caravan - we have a VERY steep drive out onto the A6, so the stress on just getting it on the road was pretty high on the car. Original quote from Seat Garage was £365. Derby Clutch Centre are doing it tomorrow for £260.

Exhaust is blowing horrendously. Still have to take it in somewhere to get a quote. I daren't think.

Insurance is due for renewal in the next couple of months. Last year I paid around £900 (I had two accidents in one week, both my fault completely but it totally zero'ed my no claims discount, I had no claims protection but apparently it only worked if you had one at fault claim in the year and certainly not two in a week!).

And Chiara is off sick again, I'd only just got her back to school last week. I'm quite worried, she's had a bad headache all weekend and nothing seemed to shift it. I've confined her bed today (much easier when there are no other kids around to disturb her) I really hope it helps. It sounded a bit like migraine to me (concentrated over one eye, light and noise hurt) I didn't think kids got migraine so young.

Thanks to everyone for your congrats and kind thoughts on my previous post, you all made me feel like having a big giant squishy hug :)


Debbie said...

Boohisss to cars and car people! Will not say anymore on that subject ..LOL
Sending gentle ((hugs)) for Chiara and not sure what helpful suggestions to make darl' apart from commenting that I know of a few littlies that suffer quite badly from migraines too.

Karen said...

Awww, hope Chiara's better soon. xxx

Boo hiss to the car troubles. It never rains.............