Lucky Escape!

Our house is surrounded by trees, some of them very tall, all very established.

The last tree planted (apart from fruit) was an eucalyptus we put in when we moved here in 1988. It was at least 50' high now.

Josh has just come home from school and pointed out that it's been trashed.

Very, very thankfully, it has blown down the garden. Had it not, then our house would have been in the way!

Sorry for blurry pic, but I was shaking and it has gone quite dark so had to go onto night mode. Will try to get better pic tomorrow when it is light.

Some of the glass has also been blown out of the greenhouse so that is a job for tomorrow too, picking up all the pieces.

Oh .......... Blogger is doing it's usual and not uploading piccies, so will try later.


kara jones said...

I'm am so glad you and your family are safe!

Audrey said...

Glad you're safe!

Use Firefox Mozilla for blogging. It allows you to upload images (even multiple ones) without any problem unlike IE.