Going Digi!

Long time no post, I know I have been very neglectful of my blog. But such is life and sometimes life comes first!

But anyhow, I have surprised myself. At the Stoke crop before Christmas, Fran very kindly brought along her laptop and gave whoever wanted a quick tutorial on digi scrapping. I opted for Photoshop Elements because I have an old version of that here at home that came with a (long gone) digital camera. Well I seemed to get on okay, but then you do when you are with someone who knows what they are doing, don't you?
Fast forward .... and the lovely Kirsty has been learning the ropes too and *whoosh* has only gone and made her first kit. I've been missing a bit of creative mojo recently (not helped by feeling very lazy and not wanting to clear up the horrendous mess I make after every crop session) so I gave Kirsty's kit a whirl. Now my first attempt is on Kirsty's blog and it isn't very good, not helped by the fact that the journalling doesn't make sense but I didn't realise until I had flattened the page and saved it. But I have now done three more digital pages, yes three more, and all within a day (well day and very late night) but I did go around to Donna's and have almost completed a paper page too within that time! It's very freeing to not be cutting into precious paid for sheets of paper and I like that freedom. Plus, like I said, I'm very lazy, so am more than taken with the idea that there is no mess to clear up afterwards! I can see that I may well be scraplifting my digi pages to create them IRL, albeit using the paper stash I have rather than printing out the digi patterns. Another addiction to add to my list. I've spent hours trawling for digital kits and downloading them on my painfully slow connection (yes I know I have broadband now, but it still runs at the slowest speed possible).

My first attempt at digi using Kirsty's Jack Frost kit (please ignore the journalling, I now NOT to flatten the image before making sure everything is right, although I still have trouble remembering said fact!):

My second attempt at digi using the same kit:

My third digi page using a free kit called Candy Fairway from Peppermint Creative. Another mistake on the journalling. Must be more careful to check what I write!

And finally a fourth I have finished today for the weekly challenge on UK Scrappers. Been meaning to do something with these photos of Josh's Beyblade phase and the Lucky Star kit from Digital Design Essentials was just perfect!
Finally, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported the (now defunct) Creative Scrapbooking Design Team. I think it is fair to say that most of us were devastated by the news of the closure of the magazine and the comments and support from fellow UK Scrappers were really appreciated. A big thanks to Mandy Anderson who is continuing to help us in co-ordinating the return of our layouts from the Publisher. Mandy, you are a genuine star!


Kirsty said...

bloody hell suzanne - how many layouts you been making
I love the bottom one - its fabulous and doesnt even look digi!

Jackie Hunter said...

WOWW!!! Great work Suzanne :o)
Glad to see you back in Blogland!!
Jackie x

*** Moneypenny *** said...

Hi Suzanne, I've been looking at everyones blogs on UKS and haven't left any comments but this LO has just made me go Wow. I think it's gorgeous.
Vanda xXx

PS I'll be back to visit :O)