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digi pages.

I quite like the Christmas tree one, but not as happy with the other one. I think what I wanted to achieve I couldn't because of my lack of skill.

The one thing I'm not too good at is remember what supplies are from where! With paper supplies I can just look at the page and know what manufacturer made what item. With these I have got to go trawling through my hard drive at the digital kits to find out!

Credits 'Oh Christmas Tree': everything from Shabby Princess Holiday Magic kit, except the frosted overlay and the metal rimmed tag, from Kirsty Wiseman Jack Frost kit.

HOWEVER, I've been wanting to scrap this rare photo of me as a baby with my parents for a while and not known where to start .... well this is now my starting point! I got bits and pieces from a few places, will see if I can try and remember then all!

Papers, tag, twill, staple, pin, eyelet, notepaper - Andrea Designs
Childood overlay and photo/paper edge overlays (manipulated colours) - Tina Chambers
Torn edge corner - Rebecca Myers
swirly corner and flowers - Digital Scrapbook Place team
I really can't remember where the brads are from!

I played lots with this on opacity, layers, rotating, shadows, manipulating colours and erasing unwanted portions of elements (the swirl corner was originally a swirl frame but I only wanted a corner and the only way I could figure to only get the corner was to use the eraser to get rid of the rest).

Just realised I've missed another couple of my digi creations off! This one was done for a weekly challenge on UK Scrappers (include title of an Elvis song, circles, erm can't remember what else!) Piccies of Josh's Beyblade phase a couple of years ago. How young does he look? And I have to laugh - we used the wok as a standby stadium before a stadium was bought for him! Credits to Digital Design Essentials (Lucky Star kit). I created a transparency effect by putting an inked overlay down and adding a shadow to the overlay and text and putting a couple of staples to 'attach'.

And this one is a quickie cos I fancied having a play late one night. Our house looking a bit prettier thanks to some snow. Not often that any snow we get stays, so it's worthwhile recording! Everything from the Frozen Slush kit from Peppermint Creative.
And finally, let's have an 'Ooooooh'! I've just downloaded a wonderful new free kit to play with, courtesy of the very talented and generous Kirsty and Katie! These are just perfect for some piccies I have from a couple of years ago - from Mia's 'snail phase'! And just check out those funky cool arrows and matching elements from Katie! must download these now too! Thanks girls for sharing your creativity!

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Mary said...

Lovin your layouts Suzanne! reat job with the Digi. I love all those freebies as well!!