Frustrated of Derbyshire


The saga continues.

We now cannot get internet connection unless the phone is plugged in but off the hook. Plus we are on the slowest internet speed possible for broadband because we are the end of the line (and a long way from the exchange).

And for the past few days it was worse than when we were on dial up (and we only got 45kbps then) AND it would not let me upload anything anywhere.

After ages with the Eclipse tech support (who are stumped and their system wouldn't let them test our line for some reason) we were told to try it without the phone or fax plugged in at all and also to buy new filters and try them (luckily already had two new filters in packets). Did think last night we had cracked it as the internet stayed on with the new filters whilst the fax and phone were plugged in and the handset on the receiver.

Get up this morning to find telephone line and internet connection no longer recognised (by router). Have had to take phone off hook in order to get the internet back on. So no-one can phone or fax whilst we are online.

Like I say, what's the point of paying for Broadband?

Back to ring Eclipse and see what they say.

Oh yes got BT to test the line again last night (like we did before Christmas) and they are determined there isn't a fault with our line. They are however willing to send an engineer our for £120 plus VAT call out feel plus whatever (£60 plus per hour engineer time).

Hmmm, enticing?

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