Rainclouds and silver linings

Well I didn't spend the night writhing in agony after popping my first pill last night - will be doing the second one just after typing this post - it did make me feel decidedly woozy so I am going straight upstairs this time.

I've had lots of message of support and many wise words. I am struggling to put my thoughts together well at the moment so I haven't responded to everyone personally yet, but I aim to.

Had a bleugh day overall today (rain hasn't stopped one moment since before 8am and it is now twenty past midnight) plus a visit from the accountant to go through financial stuff. Hard and unappealing financial stuff I've been trying to ignore but which has gone a long way to making me so ill over the last couple of years. Hopefully though now we have someone who knows the best way forward with different things. It is going to be a really long and tough road though for quite a long time (years) to come I think.

Brightness - I got a goody box of stuff from a Rouge De Garance NSD blog challenge. Especially lush. Unfortunately I have dreary stuff to contend with over the next few days so no creating time, but it's going to be there waiting for me still at the end!
To say I needed the lift opening the box gave is an understatement.

Off now to pop the pill, night all, sleep tight :)


Angela said...

sending hugs!!

Anam_Kihaku said...

**hugs** here you anytime. I hope that things while longterms are more positive and secure for you.

Sue said...

Hope you slept well darling and feel refreshed today (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))

Kirsty Wiseman said...

im having faith in both the pills and the advisor suzanne. deep down your a lil fighter