Rain, rain go away

I am so fed up of the rain I could scream and I probably would if I thought it would make one iota of a difference to the weather, but seeing as it wouldn't the screams are staying inside my head.

The village flooded a little last week, not too major (well very major for a couple of houses on the riverbank plus the pub and the church hall) but the waters did recede very quickly (unlike for some poor villages further North). These photos are from around 10am, apparently it was much worse a couple of hours before, there was no way Josh could get across from our side of the village to the other for the bus. In fact the bus did manage to get through the water BUT it flooded and everyone inside was soaked apparently! Lots of vehicles tried to get through and ended up being stranded, though, by the time we got there for viewing, most could get through from our side (Matlock Road side of the village) if they were turning up for the A610 but the water was still quite deep for those vehicles attempting to continue on the A6 to Derby.

The photo of our garden shows how the river burst it's banks. I forgot (doh!) to take any photos of this until later on in the afternoon, but prior to this you couldn't see any grass in that field. It wasn't as bad as a few years ago (around 6/7 years ago I think I was pregnant with Mia at the time) as the water didn't manage to drain away so quickly last time.

The problem we have here is that we lie in the Derwent Valley (which is a World Heritage Site at this point here!) and when the rain has been heavy and consistent 'up North' and the dams and reservoirs up there get full, they have to open the gates so to speak to let it all out, and this is where it comes. It's made worse in the village at the point the photos are taken because that is where another small river - the Amber - joins the Derwent. Josh and his friend are playing in the Hurt Arms car park btw and in the corner, not shown in the photo, are a couple of caravans which couldn't be moved because of all the security features. Luckily the other caravan owners had the foresight to move their vehicles off the caravan field and up onto higher ground (aka the railway station car park).

I've been feeling quite off colour lately, black moods combined with other strange feelings that I've not really figured out yet. I think a trip to the doc might finally be in order. After 6 years (at least) of trying to cope without tablets I think it is time for me to throw in the towel and see if any meds can help me out here. That in itself is quite a frightening thought. I have been depressed for so many years now I really can't remember what I was like before.

Anyhow .... I have managed a couple of little scrapping bits this week, not as much as needed, but still I have made a start into the mountain of deadlines (plus a couple just for the heck of it). The first was for a weekly extra example for The Design Collective, we were talking about what to do with the pile of school portrait photos lots of us have. I used these gorgeous Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl papers which are just perfect for the girls, still looking for something suitable for Josh's though.

And then tonight I just fancied a play and, unsurprisingly, the desk was way to messy to contemplate tackling at this time of night. I also wanted to play with some text to path elements I had purchased a while ago. Hmm, I am useless at naming digital stuff but I think I used - papers, ribbon and flower elements Tia Bennett's freebie from 2peas, Spring Time Fever, the title I created myself, the text to path is by Rebecca Myers, the grungy overlays by Lauren Bavin and the buttons Shabby Shoppe Bella collection. I am really at the beginners stage of digital scrapping and you can see I'm not good enough for anything adventurous as yet. I had been using PSE2 but upgraded to PSE5, had a peep at it and scuttled away in fear because the whole interface is so different that I seem to be learning from step 1 again.

And ..... must, must, must, get some piccies taken for a post about my wonderful weekend away the other weekend to meet lots of luvverly ladies that I usually only get to talk to on a forum. It was a fab weekend .... more about that tomorrow!


Chris Millar said...

Hi Suzanne, I don't always get time to comment on your blog, but I'm always looking! Love these two layout, so gorgeous! We're having the opposite problem here with not enough rain! Send it over here!!!

Angela said...

Suzanne sending huge hugs and hope you feel better.
The flooding looks awful, we have been lucky in Scotland
And wow those layouts are fab, love them

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Hi Suzanne
depression is such a debilitating illness, if you were physically poorly then you would take meds straight away so maybe a short course will give you the boost to get on top again.

Your LO's are as always beautiful an d inspiring to others....

Sending big hugs...

Tia said...

such a beautiful layout you made
with the freebie; great page! :D
tia :0)