AAAGH technology!

Mare of a day with wires everywhere and trying to figure out which bit is the bit that wasn't working. An extra long session in PC World with BOTH my wireless router AND my new HP printer. Very thankfully Belkin products apparently are a no quibble exchange within guarantee PLUS with the printer I had the foresight to take out an extended warranty £12 for 3 years on a £60 printer. I was wondering at the time why I had bothered, but my I am glad now! Apparently without the PC World warranty they would have sent the printer back to HP for them to test it and I would be printer-less. WITH the warranty PC World tested it there, found it to be faulty (yep I know, brand new printer only printing out pink, something was wrong, it could have chosen to only print out green instead :D) so got me a new one straight off the shelf.

I love HP products and have been a satisfied customer of their stuff for many a year so I was shocked when my printer gave up the ghost last night. It's a no bells and no whistles model I've got but it still gives good quality prints (Photosmart D6160) I just hope this replacement gives me the quality service I expect!

Oh and the other thing, I eventually upgraded our telephone out of sheer exasperation and necessity. The old new phone (if you follow me) stopped working a few months ago and Len's dad bought an old old old one down from their loft. Okay it was a push button phone but it didn't have touch tone functions. So when you are calling technical support or customer services or other numbers and are hit with those press 1 for ... press 2 for .... recordings, I couldn't get anywhere. On the odd occasion just holding the line would get you through to the operator, but not very often. And the other telephone/answer phone just will not work with the new fax and broadband set up AT ALL. If you plug it in then the broadband goes wonky and the fax doesn't work. So I got a cheapo trio set (without answer phone) which are all charging up as I type. This means I will get chance to get to a phone before the 5 rings are up and the fax machine kicks in!

Hoping for a rain free day tomorrow as I have lots of projects I have to get good photos for and I need some good daylight to get good shots.

I have been tagged by Angela and will be back with that one too ... I just think I am going to have an early night tonight. TBH I'm pretty sick of the sight of this room today :D

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