End of Term

Today was the first day of school holidays for us here. Eventually had a lie in, though it was interrupted by Josh's alarm blaring out some sort of cacophony at 7am! Had a lazy morning before deciding to get my act together. I spent the afternoon and evening doing accounts *yawn* and wages *yawn* interspersed with the ironing *more yawns*!!

Tomorrow hopefully we will be buying new kids shoes (fingers crossed we can find some that are liked and that fit) and possibly having haircuts, will see how the time goes.

Saturday, if tomorrow goes to plan, I will be going to the crop at Hobby Horse. I really must get some photos and paper packs organised to give me a chance of achieving something useful whilst I am there. Though eating biscuits and chatting is good enough in itself :D

Now don't ask me why because I haven't a clue, but the end of term teachers gift thing almost passed me by this year. Huge panic at 10.30 Tuesday night when I realised I had forgot. Thank goodness for a 24 hour Tesco, though it's undergoing a bit of a refit so there wasn't the range of things in homewares or stationery I had hoped for. So I opted instead for little bottles of wine. A red and white for each of the teachers/assistants plus the very important (and very helpful) secretary. So I spent the next several hours decorating gift bags and making matching cards. Not the most fussy or creative things in the world, but given the timescale I had I was lucky to get them finished! And they (well at least the contents!) were very well received.

Patterned papers on the first four are Three Bugs in a Rug, on the fifth and sixth, SEI. The black/white spotty paper is Chatterbox. Stamps by Sandylion. Lots of Papermania stick on crystals to add some extra 'oomph'.


Suzanne said...

Wow you are very talented, these are wonderful cards and give me some inspiration. I hope you dont mind me leaving a comment, but I stumbled to your blog by blog hopping and your name got me. Thank you for sharing.

amber jane said...

They are gorgeous hun now wonder the teachers were happy :)

Roz said...

Suzzy Wong, I've left you a little something at my blog, hee hee.

Lily said...

lovely carda!