Stylish and Addictive

Thanks to Wendy who pointed the way to Wordle. If you like words and like procrastinating and tweaking things (!) go and have a look. I can see many happy hours playing on this. I'm sure my girls will love it too ... and I can tweak in some educational value on their part which is even better!

This is the one I created and put on the gallery, a commemmoration of Scrapbooking - Suzanne Style!

Anyhow, off to take my tablets (just the two, I have a way to go before I rattle like my Grandma did, I can remember she had a huge metal tray next to her chair on which were piled what seemed like dozens of bottles of pills for various ailments). And then off to bed. Got to get up an hour earlier in the morning to get the girls ready for a school trip to Bridington. Heck ... actually better pack up their lunch bags now because I am not a morning person and I am bound to forget things else!

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