A Splash of Colour

Is just what is needed to brighten up another grey, dreary and rain filled day.

So we have had Summer. Apparently. A couple of dozen good days and many more grey ones. At least it is only rain. Compared to the hurricanes being experienced in other parts of the world, for that I am grateful.

Monday sees the start of the new school year (for us, a bit late compared to a lot of areas I know), Josh doesn't start until Tuesday due to an extra INSET day at the High School. Josh is just about to start Year 9, I really hope he starts to focus better on his work this year, especially given that it is the year he needs to figure out which options he wants to take for the next few years. Not that they get much choice nowadays. They have so many core subjects it is unreal. Including French. Gah! this is a major sticking point for Josh as he detests this subject with intensity.

Chiara starts the top class at Primary school. At our local village school there are only three classes because it is a small school. Chiara will be Year 5 but is really looking forward to moving up and getting closer to some of her older friends. Plus she has had her hair cut. Cut as in properly cut, rather than just a trim and shaping which she has only ever had before. It had taken 9 years to get it down her back and then this last week. Chop. She decided in an instant and it is now a shoulder length bob. I was fairly choking back the tears in the hairdressers.

Mia, bless her, is starting Year 3 and should really be moving up to class 2, but she and another girl are being held back until the January term. I hope that things continue to 'click' for her and that the extra support the school are so great in giving really continues to pay dividends (Mia has some developmental delay relating specifically to language and speech, though to hear her rattle on you wouldn't really know it!).

Anyhow, I haven't really done much scrapbooking over the Summer. Which is why I am so glad to be on the Color Combos DT because it gives me the kick up the bum I need each week to get something done. One of the things that attracted me to scrapbooking initially was the array of colours and patterns available in the products (which was one of the things that attracted me to cross stitch too when I took that up). And which is why I love the concept of this challenge blog so much. Especially as it is so easy to get into the habit of gravitating towards the same colours all the time. Working with the colour swatches that Janet provides can really get me out of those ruts. The other thing is that it has prompted me to play with mixing up the product I work with on a page rather than sticking to everything from one range.

These are my pages from the last three weeks.

This first one uses photos from ten years ago, when Josh was three. Quite a different page for me, but I just had this flash that I wanted to use the sunshine, grass and windmill imagery from the children's tv show Teletubbies to match the theme of the photos.

This page features some snaps taken of Mia with Ben (my friend Roz's son). I used the sweeping wave to echo the action of the swing.

And this third one. Well, it's a photo I have been wanting to scrap for ages. It's a picture of Mia with one of DH's uncles. I love the look on both their faces and the beautiful colours in the photo too. I used these gorgeously bold patterned papers from Tinkering Ink, which were just perfect for the photo and the colour combo too. I added a bit of extra interest by distressing the paper and machine stitching a border.

Off now as I am being nagged to get tea ready!


Heather said...

I love what you did with all the color combos! These are great layouts :)

Roz said...

Wow those layouts are stunning, can't believe Chiara has had her hair cut, you must post a pic of her now. Tell the kids, good luck at school from Ben and Me. Sending you tons of hugs and love.