Woe is Me!

Said tongue in cheek.

Spent last night with whatever it is that makes me feel awful. Something to do with colonic spasms. Was trying hard to stave off panic attack (which normally follows these episodes) as when they get really bad I can barely breathe and hyperventilate (have been hospitalised twice in the past because I need the oxygen and stuff to breathe and the safety of being in hospital to calm me down) Not that anyone actually looks at me, I just get dumped in a bed without pillow or blankets, obviously don't want to make it a good experience. Last time was worse as the couple in the cubicle next door were obviously not very ill either (if you get my drift! - yuk!)

Thankfully things didn't get that bad but I feel totally bruised and worn out, like I've been in a boxing ring with someone big and nasty. Have spent the day in bed, got up to get tea for everyone and am now back off to bed.

Elsies 52 Challenges and DW Colour came in the post today and I haven't even had the energy to look at them yet!

I was really looking forward to going to the Stoke crop tomorrow too, but I don't think I will feel up to the drive as it's a fair way and very country roadish route too.

On the plus side I get out of taking Josh to his swimming club tonight (8-9) as Len will take him instead.


karen said...

big hugs suzanne, stay in bed and rest untill you feel much better.
yuk about the other couple, how could they!
karen x

Kathryn said...

oh hunny, i'm so sorry you're feeling like this. wish i'd known, i would have come and looked after you.
we will miss you tomorrow very much, {big squishy hugs}

Katy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Suzanne. :)

Anonymous said...

Get better soon Suzanne.
Jane (Brods)