Orange Wednesday

I usually take the kids to the cinema during the holidays on Wednesdays because of the Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 offer (if you have an Orange mobile phone text film to 241, they send a message back containing a voucher number which you show at the cinema counter).

We were just setting out today when Len came home from work early so we managed to take two phones with us so only paying for the 2 out of 4 of us. Quite pleased really. We saw Open Season which was, well, okay, quite a few laughs, but nothing special and I really wouldn't have liked to have paid full price for us all. I was hoping to see Hoodwinked as the previews for that look much better - unfortunately it wasn't showing in Derby today.

It was also haircut day today. We go to a No Appointment place in the Derby Eagle Centre (hence usually combining the trip into town with a visit to the cinema whilst we are passing). Josh has his hair done by this fab chap called Ali. He is wonderful, very friendly and charming (oh and good looking too) He greets you personally when you walk into the salon, shaking Josh's hand and making proper small talk with him whilst he cuts his hair. This is a man of many talents as he is also a dab hand with the cut throat razor and does that eyebrow plucking thing using the threads. It's fascinating to watch him in action.

Both the girls also had a trim. I had to gasp when Mia was returned to me, the girl had using straighteners to get rid of the curls to make it easier to cut. *sob* she looked so grown up. Mia was ecstatic though as it made her hair look longer and more like Chiara's. I should have taken a photo, I know - will have to see how things look in the morning.

I went to my friend Donna's for our usual Wednesday night scrapping session. Well, we talk, drink tea and each chocolate, but we do have a layout out in front of us in between all this. I love escaping one night each week and Donna is a beautiful and caring person. Another friend I would never have known if it wasn't for scrapbooking.


Cath said...

Sounds like a fun day!

petamb said...

Hi there Suzanne,
Just checked out your layouts and they are absolutly fab.. I shall be back to check out your updates in the future..
Have a great day

Yizz said...

Sorry the film wasnt up to expectations. It sounds like you had a really busy day though.

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Suzanne
Was just blog surfing and come across yours. Your layouts are absolutely gorgeous.
Have a great day

Kathy said...

Just followed a link from Clare's blog and found your fantastic LOs so thought I'd leave a message to say how beautifull they are.

Thanks for sharing them with the Bloging World!

karen said...

im glad you had a great day suzanne and a productive scrapping evening.
karen x