I know, I know, been mega naughty not updating my blog. But well there has been yet more crap (ooh am I allowed to say that on my own site?!) in my life, including the broadband company going bust and the replacement dial up connection being totally pants.

However, have got a new broadband connection now. I am with Eclipse internet and I have to say that the speed and ease with which it has all gone has been second to none. Being a total utter technophobe I needed to call tech support to help set up the email but they were very helpful and sorted me out in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately our line can only take 1mb speed max, even that is a huge improvement for us though. I didn't want any bundled packages (we hardly ever use the phone) and can't get a lot of the services (ie sky, cable, talk talk) out here either, so the choices were limited. I was talking to another parent whilst watching Josh at swimming club and he was with Eclipse (at home and work) so given his recommendation I went right along and signed up. All done and dusted within the week too. Oh and they do have a referral programme so if you are thinking of moving I get £30 if you use my referral code of SETORR (like I did for the other parent).


karen said...

glad to see you back blogging suzanne

Katy said...

Good to see you back Suzanne. Glad you got your connection sorted again ... these things are great until they go wrong!! :)