Hooked on Britain's Got Talent!

Just loved watching the audition shows! I've laughed, cried and cringed my through You Tube, as I only caught some of the nights on tv.

The best ones for me are the ones where the act walks on stage and you can see the judges (Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan) think 'what the heck?!'

Lots of links coming up here as there are so many of these clips worth watching. I've linked to the ones I think were fabulous and fabulously entertaining, but if you don't mind the cringe factor you need to check out some of the others (piano playing pig, line dancing dogs, nervous knife thrower, stripping breakdancer, oh yes along with the great and the good were some, erm, not so good :D)

Well worth watching, especially if you are a Simon Cowell fan ;)

Bar Men - shaking it all out with the cocktails

Crew 82 - beat box talent, incredible!

Tony - more than good, sensational! I defy you not to cry

Kit Kat Dolls - sexcellent! and worth while just to see Simon's stunned face and being at a loss for words!

Connie - this child has an amazing voice - if you closed your eyes you would not believe it came from a 6 year old. More tissues needed

Dominic - just blew everyone's breath away. Stunning version of a classic and without any musical backing too.

Combat Breakers - break dance group from the Midlands (yeah!) so confident, energetic and entertaining

Craig - wait for it, baton twirling in a white sparkly spandex suit. See the judges faces turn from disbelief to awe. Totally entertaining and a standing ovation from the audience

Damon and Bubbles - yep a monkey doing an impersonation of Michael Jackson. Side splittingly funny!

Paul - WOW another disbelief to awe moment. And more tissues. Just. Stunning. This man has got to stop selling mobile phones and start singing for a living.

MD Productions - polished, professional, energetic and truly entertaining

Scott - taking breakdancing from the bedroom to the theatre. Fabulous moves, entertaining and a truly likeable looking lad

Bessie - last but certainly not least! an incredibly talented and polished performance from this eleven year old

For my mind, we need a Royal Variety Performance that features them all, not just the winner!


Jo said...

Lovely blog.. and yes the program is a bit addictive!

just wondering if we could be related? Torr's are very few in Derbyshire. I am a Torr (now Austin) from Chesterfield..

Keep up the good work.

jake said...

Carl and Vin are addicted to this! Lol! was this the show that had the crazy woman with the angle grinder and metal pants??? Lol!

What can you say to that?