Dare 57

This week's theme over at Collectively Yours was for us to add hidden journaling to our pages. I struggled with this big time. I'm not a big fan personally of hidden journaling, mind saying that it can come in handy sometimes. Oh and the comment over on the blog about always forgetting to leave space for the journaling - well that is me down to a tee!

I got some sweet piccies of Josh playing with one of our cats a couple of weeks ago. Our family cats are a big part of our family life and I really haven't scrapbooked about them anywhere near as much as I should have. Mainly because I get really pants pictures when I try to photograph them. They are British Blue shorthair, though Polo (the brother) is easier to photo as he is blue and white, Molly is really hard to get a well defined shot as she is pure blue. The carpet was a mess too when I took the photo - thank heavens for photo editing software. I wish it was so easy to clean up the house in real life :D

My sneak peek is here. I used Dream Street papers and Fancy Pants chipboard. The journaling is hidden on a tag which is camouflaged by the 'purrfect' part of the title.

Not a lot else to report, I am feeling pretty down which is why I am being quiet everywhere. Unfortunately I am really struggling to motivate myself to do anything and the stress of being behind with so many things in my life isn't helping. I have to buckle down big time this week.

Oh and I have to take the girls to the dentist tomorrow (today) which isn't helping. I have a big dental phobia. Have tried very hard not to pass this on, anyway, got us into a different dental practice (nhs) and, having met the dentist last week now I know why they have spaces. I explained about my phobia on the phone, also that Mia has a real phobia with doctors and dentists. Anyway the dentist has got a real short fuse and wouldn't even entertain trying to coax Mia into the chair and he was very short with me too, the kids were back in the waiting room with my Mum by this time. I was crying and shaking and he was pretty harsh. It's not helped as I have a really bad involuntary gag reflex. I have to have three fillings and one extraction (way back in the wisdom tooth area). Actually given I haven't been to the dentist in 10 years I was surprised that I didn't need more work! He has referred me to another practice as I am sure I won't be able to cope with them tugging about right back there unless I am put under. Tomorrow night is to take Mia to see if a lady dentist will be any better for her and also Chiara has to go back for another look and to talk about what will happen with her as she has to have an extraction too. I am so sad for her. She has an abcess and he wants to take the tooth out. Is this standard practice? I don't know. But Chiara has an incredibly low pain threshold so that will be a tough call for us both when she actually has the work done.


Suzanne said...

Oh Suzanne....get them over that fear! Healthy teeth now will be healthy teeth later. My experience with the dentist's here is that they are very conservative so if your thinks the tooth needs to be removed it probably does :-{ I will be thinking of you all.

ps...how was scrap a ganza??

Anonymous said...

Jane (Brods)

Suzanne said...

{{{hugs}}} hunny. I'm going to spoil you rotten in a week :)