Dentist update

My girls were very good.

Mia saw a lady, she was a bit taken aback as she was wearing islamic dress with her head (but not face) covered - we live in a rural village and Mia only sees people from other cultures really if we are out shopping or on the tv, or through school work. However she really put Mia at ease and within moments Mia was in the chair with her mouth wide open for her tegs to be counted. Incredibles bravery sticker reward!

Chiara was then really upset as she hadn't liked the male doctor from before and was getting all glowering and stroppy. We got called upstairs (again) and yeah, it was another lady! A very pretty lady who was so lovely and obviously well used to dealing with children. She talked to Chiara about what would happen next time (tooth out) gave her a trial run with the mask that will fit over her nose for the gas, talked about apple pie and Tracey Beaker and then gave her a Dora sticker.


I just have to ring the other dental practice as I have now had the referral letter come through.


Anam_Kihaku said...

glad they had a good time!

Angela said...

Glad things went OK for you all