Remembering and being Grateful

I don't go to Church. Somehow I don't feel comfortable there. But that isn't a true reflection of my beliefs, I just don't do the communal thing too well.

But this morning I accompanied Chiara for the Rembrance Sunday service (she had been asked to go as part of the Brownie congtingent, though it was a very poor showing from the pack).

I always cry during Church services, weddings, christenings and funerals alike. And I always cry at Rembrance services on the television, so you can guess what I was like in Church for the service (and I forgot tissues).

I found it a very emotional and moving experience. The service and sermons were beautiful, the hymns too (though I had only previously heard of a couple). Then a gentleman played The Last Post and another old soldier read out the Roll Call of Honour. It was heartbreaking how long the list was for such a small village, especially when so many names from the same family were called one after each other. There were younger names in there too, a reminder that wars continue down the generations. A reminder of the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many people over the years. A sacrifice I am grateful for every day.

I know it's simplistic to wonder why we can't have peace in the world. But I am a simple girl.


Ann(i)e said...

Ditto my dear...that was me yesterday, and then when we went out to the cross to place the wreath....good thing Dean started playing up and causing a distraction for me!!
We are tender gals, nothing wrong with that (better than ol' tough as leather, show no emotions!!)

Anam said...

**hugs** totally agree

jake said...

We had a wonderful service at work, conducted by a Pastor friend of mine, and attended by all the resi's. So touching to see the dear old chaps coming in with their medals and things and photo's from the war years. Really makes you think, eh?

jk x

Tammy said...

Hi! I know what you mean about crying in church...and I am the pastor! I am doing better with it now, but it was so hard to deal with it made me not want to go. So glad you had such a powerful experience. I am with you...I want peace.