Get Ready .....

Well I should be getting ready for the NEC tomorrow but I've been piffling about again!

I decided at lunchtime to go into Derby and get my hair cut. Not really an excellent idea because I didn't know what I wanted and you can tell. Now it DID look nice when the girl did it, but I am unconvinced it will look anything other than a mess when I attempt to do something in the morning. I bought a colour and highlighter kit to do tonight but things conspired against my time and it will have to wait until another day.

Did buy some new clothes though (a rarity for me) but did think I ought to try and look more presentable whilst I was representing Claire and Orlando on their stand tomorrow.

Josh went to his first High School disco tonight. He hadn't mentioned it to me, but when I went to pick Chiara up from her friends, the brother was sat all ready and waiting to go at which point Josh decided he might go after all! He came back not overly impressed other than the fact they they spent a small fortune on snacks and drinks and pigged out all night, though he did confess they did a little bit of dancing (rather, as Josh said, they tried to dance!)

Anyhow, I've done the wages, filled my hot water bottles, given Len instructions to wake me up when he goes out in the morning, so I am going for an early night .... well that was the plan but I notice it really isn't too much earlier than normal!

And thanks to everyone for your encouraging and kind words on my post about Mia, it made me feel a lot less lost.

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Ann(i)e said...

hope you had (or are still having???) a fab time at the NEC...jealous indeed!!