Glittery stuff

Just finishing off my layout project for January edition of Creative Scrapbooking. And just wondering if there is such a thing as too much bling on one page? I'm covered in glitter (as is half of my craft room) but I have had so much fun just playing!

I have Joshua off sick again today, I think he has a similar bug to that which I had last week, though I wasn't physically sick and he has been. He does seem a little brighter today and we have sat and giggled through Chicken Little together.

I am also waiting for the man at the garage to ring for me to walk on and collect the car once he has repaired it and then take it to the MOT garage for it to be re-tested. Typical timing eh? No car the last couple of days has meant I have had to leave Josh alone in bed poorly whilst I have walked the girls to and from school. Luckily my FIL is here pottering around in the garden today so Josh won't be alone whilst I sort the car out.


Craftybanshee said...

I hope Joshua feels better soon! There's a lot of bugs about right now :-(

jake said...

nodding head in total agrement here about the glitter. I'm mad on it again too! Thank goodness I didn't throw my stickles away! ;-)

jk x

domestic goddess said...

hugs to joshua, and i so loev your mini book project this month, i ahve to scraplift yours :)