Not firing on all cylinders

Been quiet lately, not doing much browsing, forums, blogs or galleries. The broadband user we had only signed up with last month (and prepaid two years, yes Len's idea, I really should be more strong willed and go with my gut instincts) has gone out of business. So we are £250 out of pocket and broadband-less too. So thankful I was too lazy to cancel our dial up connection. We have to wait until the marker has been taken off our phone line before even ordering from another broadband supplier. Tiscali has the best deal at the moment (or should I avoid them like the plague too?).

Anyhow, we have had to revert to one computer attached to the dial up modem (can't be bothered to shift all the tables and everything again to set up the others) and the speed is a total nightmare since I got used to faster (and we only had a 1mb download before at that) so I'm well cheesed off with all things internet related.

Plus don't know what it is, post summer blues, blues from all the kids being back at school and being stuck at home on my own or what it is, but I'm down in the dumps. Can't put my finger on it, just hope that I get out of it pretty pronto as I'm achieving nothing and not enjoying life at all at the moment.

On a good note, Josh is really settling into High School very well indeed, he is up and dressed before his alarm goes off at 7.30 (before me in fact) and sets off for the bus 10 minutes before he needs to, too! Let's hope this new found enthusiasm for school (which is never had for Primary) continues! I had a few tears as we waved him off at the top of the drive the first morning. And bless my little angel, Mia gave me a hug and said "don't worry Mummy, I'll look after you" (cue more tears!).


Dawn said...

How awful about your broadband what company was that??
josh looks so grown up walking off to the bus.
The academy is much better lots of different classes least if you dont like a subject you are only their for 50 minutes or so.
Hope you perk up soon Suzanne

Paula said...

Hope you feel better soon Suzanne, it's horrible when you get like that but don't know why.

NancyJones said...

HOPE you are feeling better girly!!

BY THE WAY I LOOOOOVEEE your work and blog and Congratulations on your toot! I LOVE that mag and am just dying to see your stuff in there girly!! YOU SOOO ROCK!!!

Kathryn said...

can't believe that about broadband.. did you pay by CC or anything? can you get your money back that way?
pipex was good. great service, but about £20 a month, we are on sky broadband now, the top package for the internet.. so think it costs us under £30a month for everything. but not much good if you dont already have sky.
off to look out for this 'toot'!!

Kara Jones said...

that is awful about the broadband Suzanne! i've been wondering about you, I knew I had not seen you as much lately! I'm glad Josh is adjusting well to school. I hope you cheer up and feel like scrapping soon. I get down in the dumps sometimes too. Everyone needs a break sometimes, just don't take too long! :)

joanna said...

So glad Josh has settled in so well, Suzanne; one less thing to worry about, hun. That is so poo about your broadband provider, though - you must be extremely cross and frustrated. Hope you can get it sorted and back on broadband soon. {{{hugs}}} xx