Busy times!

Been scrapping, cropping, jewellery making, cat rescuing ...

Not all in one day but all in one week.

I will take photos of creations and upload over the weekend.

Been up since 6am this morning (I am not a morning person) as Chiara has gone on a Y6 trip to London - Houses of Parliament, Natural History Museum and then off to watch Wicked at the Theatre - exciting day for her! Not due back until gone 1am so a very long day (for us both).

Mia had her speech and language review yesterday. Did the first task easily then floundered on the second and was giving up by the third :( More ideas to focus on for the next period - working on getting her to compartalise new words into two categories instead of one so that she has two chances of finding it in her head when she needs it. Eg a knife would be 'something that is sharp that you use to eat with'. I know, seems simple. For most it is. Mia's brain doesn't work like everyone else's though. And for in class, her 1:1 assistant will be working with small flash cards of who what where when etc, that are kept on the desk and Mia will have to pull the appropriate cards towards her when she has understood that bit of the lesson. This is so the TA will be able to tell which bits of information she has missed (due to the frequent absences she has, she often misses stuff that is said but we never know what she has missed until the relevant question comes up and then, of course, she doesn't know the answer). Hopefully that will help fill in the gaps at the time of learning and help her with doing the activities based on the information afterwards. Oh and I know now who her 1:1 support will be and I am THRILLED! I am sure Mia will be too. I don't know if it is widely known in the school yet so I am not going to spill the beans. But, to be honest, I would not have been disappointed with any of the staff as they are all so lovely!

Oh, and this was the cat that I found under the dining room table the other day. My cats were not at all happy (in fact Polo was in full attack mode which surprised me as he is so laid back). So ginger was kept in the conservatory overnight, fed lots of little meals and generally kept safe. He was a full tom so the conservatory is rather smelly now ... a task to tackle at the weekend :( I put a poster in the shop and leaflet dropped the nearest block of houses. No joy, so I took him to the vets to check for microchipping and quick once over (he was generally healthy, mucky ears, a broken tooth and a couple of war wounds on his ears, but no fleas, sores or obvious injuries). He was very cowed though, hissed a lot but never once struggled or scratched when handled. I am sure he will be a lovely boy once fed and calmed down. The vets are going to re-home him. I sobbed when I left him, soft thing that I am. I hope he gets a good place to live.

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owwww - too cute ! thanks for posting