And the winner is

Thanks to everyone for all your wonderfully insane and cheesy jokes, I keep going back to read them all cos they make me giggle so much!

The winner, chosen at random by Chiara, is Joanna. If you want to let me have your address I can get some goodies boxed up and sent off to you.

And lucky news of my own - I won a NSD challenge over on the Junkitz blogz (a word scramble) so have got a box of goodies on the way to me too.

So woo hoo to the both of us!


joanna said...

Thank you Chiara and Suzanne :D - am very happy, coz I never with anything!! Congrats on your Junkitz win, Suzanne :) xxx

Anam_Kihaku said...

well done you!! see good karma works :)

greyparrot said...

oh yay congrats hun :D

jake said...

Aaggh... missed the jokes! Blast! Glad you had a few giggles tho :-)

jk xx