Sunshine Days

It must surely have been the hottest day of the year so far, though thankfully for the village carnival, the clouds helped make the afternoon out on the field more bearable for everyone. Well everyone that went (eg all the family except myself). I was on taxi duty taking my mum to Derby train station so she can go off on another little jaunt (this time to Leeds). Five minutes onto the bypass and we came to a standstill. For an hour. First train missed and only got there with minutes to spare for the one an hour later. Excrutiatingly hot in the car. Even so we were grateful to be in the traffic jam rather than be the cause of it.

Rabbits got out of the run again today (did I mention the fun we had the other night in the dark trying to find them after they got out?) This time Mia opened it up to stroke them and, quick as a flash, they hopped their way out again. Luckily Len managed to get them back pretty quickly.

I've played with the Libby Weifenbach digital goodies again today. Some photos of Mia enjoying the pool on one of the hot days we have endured enjoyed so far this year.

All credits Libby Weifenbach
Paper Clips Strip Templates

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