Happy Anniversary us :)

I dragged myself out of my sick bed to go to the Hobby Horse crop this week. It must be a year since I have been, things have just constantly conspired against me getting there. Me being ill, kids being ill, parties, visits, Len working and so on. But this month I was determined to be there! I'm so glad I made the effort. It wasn't too busy so was nice and relaxing, had lots of space to spread around in (anyone who has seen me scrap in real life knows that I like to spread!) And, of course, great to meet up with people again. The one for October is early, so I'm hoping to make it two in a row and get to that one too!

I did four layouts (all except final finishing touches and journaling) which is pretty good for me seeing as I don't normally get started scrapping until lunch time. I will try to find the energy to finish them and get them photographed and shared this week.

Have discovered Facebook. Serious problem. Addictive games. Enough said lol! Josh thinks I am seriously sad for going on there. A bit rich for someone who lives for Runescape I think.

Oh and it is our 23rd wedding anniversary today. Mum reminded me Friday night, no worries I thought, we haven't acknowledged it really for a while, so it wouldn't matter that I hadn't bought anything. Girls told Len and took him shopping yesterday whilst I was at crop. I got some beautiful flowers and a couple of dvd's. I was warned, thankfully. So I sneaked out to Tesco last night to go and buy something. Only to find that 24 hour opening doesn't actually mean that. Drove around and found a 24 hour petrol station (where 24 hours obviously means 24 hours) and got him a big pack of Guinness and a big bar of Cadbuury's whole nut. Okay not overly inspiring, but well received and will be enjoyed for a while to come (the kids don't like whole nut choc so he can enjoy it all himself). Oh and, of course, a hand made anniversary card.

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