Colour Combo challenges and Cyber Crop news

I love working to challenges. With the mountain of photos coupled with the mountain of stash I often find it overwhelming choosing where to start. I find it really helpful to have some sort of pointer to focus my mind in one direction. I like best the challenges that give quite a lot of freedom still such as journaling prompts. And the colour swatches. There are some really lovely and inspiring colour combinations. I've loved working with them all since I joined the talented team on the blog. Some have been more challenging than others, but then - working with something you wouldn't normally consider is what a challenge is all about!

The new swatches over at Color Combos Galore go live every Monday. As well as a new challenge each week, all the previous colour swatches are archived over there too.

These are all my pages to date:

I'm hoping to get back into some semblence of order now that the kids are back at school and we have come back from our jaunt up to Scotland. Huge thanks to Roz for - yet again - being a fabulous hostess and welcoming myself and my child tribe into her home for the week. Apologies to Ben for the verbal onslaught on his delicate ears by the megaphone that is Josh - and to Trevor and Charlie for the overpowering attention they get from Mia as soon as she walks through the door!

We had a lovely week together, a few days out and about coupled with some great pyjama days too. Hmm bad scrapper that I am I left the photographing to Roz (she is better at it than me) and forgot to copy the photos to bring back with me. Oh well - seems like a great excuse for another visit, eh Roz?!

My baby had her seventh birthday the week before, unfortunately the weather didn't hold out so the party ended up being in the playroom (for the games) and conservatory (for the food). This time was marginally less stressful as top of Mia's wishlist for her birthday was birthday food from McDonalds. I very carefully and very clearly wrote the list of what we needed so Len just had to hand it over and the staff just had to follow it to the letter. Unfortunately we seem to have got the staff who didn't understand that ***NO RELISH AND NO SALAD*** on the Big Mac actually meant that we didn't want relish or salad on the Big Mac, so poor Josh went rather hungry. A couple of drinks missing too, but at least that was easier to put right.

Okay well am going to move myself to get some more laundry out on the washing line now the sun has peeped through the clouds (incidentally my line broke yesterday with two loads of washing on it which ended up in the garden), it's been mended now so I hope it stands up to the strain again.

Oh and a quick heads up for anyone who visits my blog that doesn't know, there is a Cyber Crop over on UK Scrappers this weekend (from Friday evening to late Sunday afternoon). Lots of classes planned (includes layouts, mini books, cards and altered projects so there really should be something for everyone!). I was lucky enough (she says nervously) to be asked to do a layout class which on the Saturday night at the 8pm slot.

If you're not already registered over there it is well worth the effort of doing so. Not only will you get access to the new classes this weekend, but also the library of classes from all the previous cybercrops for the past couple of years. My previous classes are filed in there too, a layout class and a starbook class.


Roz said...

Darling, you are welcome anytime you like, I'll burn the photos to disc for you to come and collect, (any chance you can leave the kids at home this time) hee hee only joking, you know we love having you all here. Missing you tons and tons already. Can't wait for your class on Saturday night.

Jazzy1972 said...

Gorgeous layouts! I am always inspired by your work.

Teenyterrors said...

Thanks for your nice comment :) and yes, he is a wonderful man!!!

I LOVE your style. all those LOs were like eye candy to me!!!!

Beate said...

I really like your style!!

kathj said...

love the one fun day lo