Well I had a lovely day at the Stoke crop again today - many thanks Kathryn, for being you and for bringing chocolate cake, scrummy! I set myself the task of completing a couple of unfinished layouts before starting on a new page (which I also completed). I've not cleared my desk to make space to take photos of them yet - will do that tomorrow - and then learn how to add images to my posts. Apparently it's easy peasy (according to Kathryn and if she can do it anyone can :) ).

We received the modem in the post today ready to set up broadband. I bought a wireless thingymebob in PC World the other day too, together with the adaptor bits for each of the computers. The chap in there said it may be best to set up the broadband initially with the moden the ISP supplied then changeover afterwards. Does this sound like good advice to you? I'm full of trepidation as the cables behind our pc's scare me - there are so many - but I have learned my lesson over the years and got most of the things labelled up as to what bit of what machine each cable belongs to (same with the tv sky video set up). No chance of DH helping out as he is even more of a technophobe than I am! We have signed up with Euronet (on recommendation from a friend) so just waiting for the switch to be flicked and then I have got to start figuring it all out at our end. We have only chosen the £10/month 1Mb speed option, https://www.euro1net.com/cgi-bin/home.cgi but it is unlimited useage. I figure that since we are so used to the diabolical slowness of ... wait for it ..... 45kbps, even 1mb will seem incredible. Also that if push came to shove we should be able to upgrade at a later date.

I've been musing over what links to add in to my blog too so my next task is to figure out the sidebar bit on here and gather all the link information to post up. I'm intending to head to bed before 2am today so that is something I'm going to sort out another time.

I'm glad to report that the rain has eventually got to us and the air has cooled somewhat, so I'm hoping that means I will sleep better tonight.


Kathryn said...

ahah,, found you too!

thanks for the lovely comments.. you're too kind.

glad you enjoyed yesterday, as always it was fab to see you again, i do appreciate you driving all the way over to see us.

i lurve your banner.. gonna have a go at one myself soon.

good luck with the links!

jake said...

Well done Suzanne! I resisted for ages too but find it fun, this blogging lark - and you're at it better than me - I still can't do the banner thing!

jk xx

amberjane said...

I am loving that banner hun can I add your blog to my links then ?:D

Anam said...

yeah!!! now just add your lovely scrapbooking piccies. miss you loads.

Dawn said...

Niceto see you have a banner Suzanne

domestic goddess said...

wohooo fruitysuet has a blog!!!!love that blog header

Lisa said...

Great to see you now have a blog Suzanne, love your banner. See you at the next HH crop.

Kirsty said...

oooh you kept this quiet. Im glad I found you - another blig to read and see what you are up to.

Hugs and stuff

kirsty x

karen wright said...

glad youve got a blogg suzanne, the heads up came curtesy of Anam, loving it already.